PPG PAINTS™ now offers an enhanced version of its interior and exterior Break-Through! line of water-borne acrylic paint.

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PPG PAINTS™ now offers an enhanced version of its interior and exterior Break-Through! line of water-borne acrylic paint. The improved formula offers two notable benefits to both painting pros and their homeowner customers that set it apart. The first is that no primer is required in most cases. The second is the fast cure time.

Break-Through! now contains less than 50 grams per liter volatile organic compound (VOC). This new low odor formula meets the most stringent regulatory VOC standards, and helps meet LEED certification requirements.

Break-Through! also delivers some enhanced performance benefits including a slightly higher viscosity for better handling overall and improved “sag” resistance which is important for vertical surfaces such as doors or cabinets. Both of these enhancements result in excellent flow and leveling, for a more even finish and a better outcome for the consumer. Results are comparable whether application is by spray or by hand.

No Primer Required

Designed to bond with some of the most difficult substrates including fiberglass, laminates, plastics, concrete, and metal, Break-Through! is self-priming on most of these surfaces. For concrete, two coats are recommended—the first serves as the primer and should be thinned by about 10%, the second should be applied without thinner. Break-Through! may be applied directly to interior metal surfaces only. For the remaining areas such as ceramic tile, laminated surfaces, fiberglass and most plastics, no primer is needed. Eliminating the primer phase increases both the productivity for pros, saving time and money, and the satisfaction of homeowners.

Fast Drying

Break-Through! paint dries fast (within 15-20 minutes), delivers early block resistance and a hardness that is equal to or better than conventional alkyds yet is flexible like an acrylic, with no cracking or peeling. Even though it dries fast, the improved formula is designed to provide slightly more “open time”, i.e. the time that paint is wet enough for a brush to move through it. This added benefit provides pros with a larger window to fix brush marks or drips when they occur. With that kind of dry time and its improved “open time”, painting crews are more productive with less down time and only a 2-hour window is required to recoat.

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