Commercial Painting

Commercial property owners and managers rely on B&A Painting for expert advice and quality workmanship at a competitive price. From scheduling an estimate to the final walk thru to centralized billing, we strive to give our commercial clients a hassle-free experience, while still delivering the highest quality results.

Commercial painting markets

We view commercial painting as painting done for a business or other legal entity, such as a school district. The contracting process generally begins with a request for an estimate or proposal for a well-defined project scope, and selection that involves competitive bidding and decision makers from across the organization, like operations, maintenance, procurement, and finance. Commercial buildings include stores, hotels, warehouses, offices, restaurants, condominium associations, clinics and hospitals, churches and places of worship, and many more. Surfaces may include interior and exterior walls, ceilings and roofs, floors, equipment, pipes—from drywall to concrete, we have painted every possible commercial building material and surface.

Commercial painting process

While commercial painting projects can be incredibly varied, the process is generally the same, and can be condensed into a few steps:

  1. Full understanding of needs, operational goals, and environmental conditions. We do an onsite inspection before pursuing any project and ask questions, as assumptions can be dangerous. With eyes trained to spot potential obstacles, we assess all particulars.
  2. Assessment of the right products and most efficient processes for the job, considering constraints like budget or downtime limitations.
  3. Proper surface preparation for durability and longevity. Issues like blistering, bubbling, adhesion failure, and cissing (when freshly applied paint recedes from the surface, leaving small craters or bare spots) can be avoided with good preparation.
  4. Professional painting and coating work performed by skilled crews employed by B&A Painting. We maintain a safe, neat job site for the duration of the project, and if work must be done during normal operations, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  5. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, so we conduct a thorough walkthrough, address any issues or concerns, and remain available for customer support long after we leave the facility.

Professional commercial painters like B&A do much more than apply a coat of paint:

• We offer recommendations and services based on our clients’ business and financial goals, how the facility is used, environmental factors, regulatory compliance, and other concerns and objectives.
• We bring experience and knowledge of surface cleaning and preparation, coating products and technology, applicable regulations from agencies like FDA or OSHA, and more.
• As a national commercial painting contractor, we deliver consistent results to multiple locations and offer single vendor convenience and accountability.
• We can set up a maintenance plan to fit your scheduling needs and protect your commercial building assets and investments.

Besides interior and exterior painting, our commercial services division offers a wide variety of skills to enhance, protect, and increase the market value of your property. Because of the risks and potential liability involved with commercial facilities, B&A Painting carries all required licensing and insurance obligations.