Value Of Jobsite Safety

“Never Sacrifice Safety” is one of our core values and we ask all our employees at every level for 100% buy-in—working safely is a condition of employment. We back up those words with regular training and ongoing communication. 

B&A Painting commitment to safety helps to protect your employees, your stakeholders, and ultimately your home or business. You can have peace of mind knowing that our crews will work safely in your facilities. If an incident were to happen, we have crew members with first aid training to do basic, immediate interventions. Besides our own safety program, we participate in required job site and client-specific safety training prior to starting a project. These opportunities are welcomed as a way to meet your needs and further our safety knowledge.

4-year apprentice program
B&A Painting has partnered with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) to offer a 4-year Painting Apprenticeship. The Apprenticeship begins with basic painting skills, safety, and first aid and progresses to in-depth OSHA training and skill sets like equipment operation, coating systems, coating application, and flooring systems. Foremanship levels delve into job strategy, management and leadership, problem solving, material management and more. Knowing that our crews view their work as a career path and not just a temporary job gives our clients another reason to trust in B&A Painting.
Respirator fit training
Painting and coating fumes can be harmful to the people exposed to them. OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard requires an appropriate, tight-fitting respirator for these workers. B&A Painting equips our workers with NIOSH-certified respiratory protection to protect them from vapors, mists, and fumes. We are diligent about personal protection equipment (PPE) of all kinds to ensure our employees stay healthy and can perform the work needed by our clients with the greatest comfort and efficiency.
Confined space training for tight spots
What do tanks, silos, vaults, tunnels, equipment housings, ductwork, and pipelines have in common? They’re all considered confined spaces—configured with limited or restricted egress that creates hazards and complicates emergency rescue and first aid. To ensure our workers are not vulnerable, B&A Painting follows OSHA guidelines for working in these potentially hazardous settings by training and certifying our crews and foremen to work in confined spaces.
Aerial lift qualified operator
Most warehouse and distribution center ceilings range between 28 and 36 feet high. With advances in steel integrity and durability, storage tanks and silos have gone vertical to take up less real estate. These are just two examples that demonstrate how industrial and commercial cleaning, painting, and coating projects include surfaces that are way up there! Painters USA uses aerial lifts (also known as scissor lifts) or aerial swing stage platforms (also known as a Mobile Elevated Work Platform or MEWP) to get the work done safely and efficiently, even at the uppermost reaches of your facilities.
Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
OSHA;s lockout / tagout (LOTO) standard protects workers by outlining actions and procedures to follow while servicing machines and equipment. B&A Painters workers perform their industrial cleaning and coating tasks, LOTO training and awareness prepares them to follow the rules when doing their work around machinery that is locked or tagged out. It’s one more safeguard that allows our clients to rest easy when B&A Painting is working in their facilities.
Our safety culture
Safe workplaces are productive workplaces. They reduce insurance costs and potential legal problems. They protect lives and give the families of commercial and industrial workers the comfort of knowing their loved ones will return home every day. Say what you will about OSHA regulations, the agency has greatly improved workplace safety over the last fifty years. B&A Painting makes safety a core value—one we share with many of our commercial and industrial clients. For us, safety is no accident, and we mean that in every sense of the phrase.